• Performance - Developing the art and discipline of performing songs to a consistent and high standard.  Students are provided with the skills through practicals, master classes and workshops.  
    Musical outcome: performing confidently and with empathy.
  • Composition - Developing and harnessing the students’ capacities to create and deliver their own compositions and support the students’ desires to be curious and experimental.
    Musical outcome: demonstrating the ability to compose and perform their own work. 
  • Production  - Teaching the fundamental skills to record voice, acoustic instruments and use of digital technology.
    Musical outcome: students leave these sessions having the ability to create their own backing tracks. 
  • Band Skills - Want to play in a band? This offering provides the basic skills of creating and developing compositions while studying and performing well known popular standards. They will be expected to play competently in a band and will be provided with the opportunity to perform live.
    Musical outcome: new bands performing fresh moving compositions with energy and excellence.